Realio Network Genesis Validators

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Realio Network Genesis Validators

The genesis of a new network is the most critical point of its existence its birth. While impossible for any network to start being fully decentralized, our goal is to achieve substantial decentralization as quickly and safely as possible.

As such, the genesis event will occur with 21 independent validators that were active during our testnet, including 1 “strong validator” operated by us, the Realio team, which will start with a self-delegation of 25m $RST. Immediately after genesis, the Realio Network will be open for new validators to join, and a bridge for $RST (from all existing networks it’s issued on) and for xRIO (from Ethereum) will be available on to immediately begin minting native $RIO and $RST for delegation. We anticipate more Web3 options for delegation to independently become available shortly after genesis. 

As more validators join the Realio Network and as delegations to all validators achieve a sufficient level of distribution, we’ll begin to reduce the amount of $RST in the “strong validator” with the goal of reducing it to 0 as quickly as possible. Once this validator reaches 0, it will be deprecated, and all block rewards earned by this validator will be burned. The team also plans to release a Network roadmap for scheduled protocol updates, including an upgrade that will enable transaction fee burning and revenue share into the Network after Alpha Launch. 

With the launch, we invite $RST and $RIO holders to participate in the Network by running a validator or delegating. Delegating is a simple process involving bonding your $RST or $RIO tokens in a validator you trust. By running a validator or delegating, you’re helping to secure the Network and ensure its long-term success.

We are excited about the Realio Network Alpha launch on April 7th and invite you to be a part of it.




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