How to Complete Identity Verification on the Realio Investment Platform

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How to Complete Identity Verification on the Realio Investment Platform

This is a step-by-step guide on how to complete the identity verification process on the Realio Investment Platform. 

What is Identity Verification?
Identity verification, or Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, is a critical compliance practice for financial institutions to ensure operations adhere to security and legal standards. Within the broader context of financial regulation, KYC plays a key role in preventing money laundering and promoting transparency across international borders.

By incorporating KYC, blockchain initiatives can achieve broader acceptance and integration into mainstream financial systems, enhancing the potential for innovation and global reach.

When is Identity Verification Required?
Identity requirements become necessary when dealing with financial entities subject to regulatory and legal oversight, such as security tokens, mirroring the compliance expectations of traditional banking institutions. This is particularly relevant in the expanding realm of cryptocurrency services, where efforts are being made to align with established security and legal frameworks.

Is it safe to give out my personal information for Identity Verification?
Entrusting personal information to a KYC process can be secure when utilizing services from certified and recognized verification providers. It's very important to be careful and only use services from trusted sources, such as official websites and links publicized by Realio. This helps to avoid scams and keeps personal information private and secure.

Is Identity Verification needed for all Realio tokens?
Identity Verification on the Realio Platform is required for anyone who wants to interact with regulated functions and tokens.

What you will need to complete KYC:

  1. Personal Information: such as your full name, date of birth, and etc.
  2. Contact Information: such as your address, email, phone number.  
  3. Official Identification: A valid government-issued ID such as a passport, driver's license, or identity card is required to verify your identity.

Completing KYC on the Realio Platform

Step 1: Register or Log In to Your Realio Account
Step 2: Begin the Identity Verification Process
Step 3: Follow the Identity Verification Steps
Step 4: Identity Verification Complete

Step 1: Register or log in to Your Realio Account

To register or log in to an account on the Realio platform, visit:  

Step 2: Begin Verification Process

To register or log in to an account on the Realio platform, visit: 

Once in the platform, go to the “User Settings ⚙” tile and select “IDENTITY VERIFICATION.” 

Once on this page, you can begin by choosing the option that best fits the intended purpose of this account. For example, if you manage investments for a fund or entity, opt for "Company." If you are making investments on behalf of yourself, opt for "Person.” Then click “Next”.

Step 3: Account Details

Fill in your personal details or company information, including name, contact information, and address.

Step 4: Upload Required Identification Documents

Next, upload your identification documents. During this step, please carefully first read and follow the instructions. Failure to properly follow the instructions may result in a delay in your KYC approval.

Required Documents:

  • Identity card options: Driver's license (front and back), passport, or identity card.
  • All documents must be in Latin characters or translated.
  • Images must be of high quality, unobstructed and uncropped.
  • The information must fully match the profile information entered in the step above.

To complete this step, you must have images of your identity documents uploaded to your computer or mobile device.

Step 5: Identity Verification Complete

Once you have uploaded your identification documents and submitted your KYC application, please allow a few days for the verification to be processed. 

You will receive a notification once your KYC status is updated. Successful verification will change your account status from "Not Submitted" to "Pending" to "Verified."

Final Notes:
As a reminder, always ensure you are on the official Realio Platform at before submitting personal information. 

While Identity Verification is not required for some cryptocurrencies, having it in place is a critical step that allows users to purchase security tokens and other investment opportunities, following traditional compliance procedures.


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