Realio New Hires Announcement

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Realio New Hires Announcement

We are pleased to announce the hiring of Bryon Roche to our Realio tech team!

Bryon Roche

Bryon comes to us with over twenty years of software engineering experience, with ten years of experience bringing success to startups in fields ranging among transportation, media, software services, and many others.  Currently, he finds particular interest in the developing maturity of blockchain products, photography, and embedded system design and security.  At Realio, Bryon will be chiefly driving developer experience and infrastructure, ensuring we can rapidly deliver development and product improvements. He has already implemented several enhancements to our Kubernetes clusters allowing for better application metrics and visibility.


Graham Haley

This next announcement is long overdue; We are also pleased to announce the hiring of Graham Haley in January of 2021. Graham is a highly skilled full-stack and blockchain engineer. A unicorn of engineers Graham cooly handles any frontend, backend, and data processing tasks. Graham has made an immediate impact on the Realio platform. He architected a streaming system to process and notify users of Stellar DEX transactions and is currently working on simple and advanced swap pages to give our investors two ways to swap on the Stellar DEX.


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