Realio Network After 3 Years

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Realio Network After 3 Years

The team here at Realio have focused on building a digital asset issuance and investment platform and finding investment opportunities for our users. We started Realio in 2018 by identifying an opportunity in the cryptocurrency marketplace and working to build a solution. Our path has been filled with peaks, valleys, dead ends and a mystical Unicorn. We created partnerships with blockchains to provide issuance of real world assets. Algorand, Raven, and Fusion blockchain support was added to our platform in 2020 allowing our users access to a non-custodial, secure wallet system that supports 8 blockchains. When the cryptocurrency space began creating Yams and Sushi farms we took notice. Then built our own Uniswap Liquidity Farms allowing users to earn our utility token $RIO for providing liquidity to Uniswap pairs. We kept our hands out of the NFT space but made considerable exploration into the possibility of an NFT investment vehicle.


We’ve been following along with trends in cryptocurrency and trying stay ahead or in lock step with the marketplace. To that end, I’m writing to provide an update to our whitepaper and examine how we’re going to build the Realio Issuance Network (Layer 2).


The whitepaper describes the Realio Issuance Network “distributed ledger network of independent parties who share an aligned incentive in the development and growth of the ecosystem.”* This is still our intention but the technology we use to build the network has changed. We will be building the Realio Issuance Network using the Cosmos SDK instead of Hyperledger technology. There’s a simple reason for the change. The Realio team preferred to value interoperability between blockchains over a private sidechain.


Cosmos SDK has an impressive list of projects. Binance Chain and Thorchain are two of which you may be familiar. The modularity of Cosmos combined with Tendermint proof-of-stake consensus means we can build new Dapps (Decentralized applications) with Cosmos or web3 without large gas fees. Cosmos interoperability will allow Realio Issuance Network users to issue new assets and cross chain swap assets atomically across many layer 1 blockchains. Realio Issuance Network validators will earn $RIO rewards for staking $RST or $RIO, validating transactions and securing the network.


Our goal is to have a beta version of the Realio Issuance Network running by January 2022. Utilizing Cosmos SDK should give us the ability to accomplish this.


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