Realio Genesis Contract Closed: The Next Phase of NFT Claiming will Begin

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Realio Genesis Contract Closed: The Next Phase of NFT Claiming will Begin

Note: The Genesis Realio NFT claim period has ended and NFTs can be viewed at

The Realio Genesis contract was closed earlier this month with much more participation than expected, minting approximately 45m xRIO. The closing of the Realio Genesis contract marks a significant milestone and accompanies the next phase towards Alpha Launch: claiming Realio Genesis NFTs.

Realio Genesis NFTs will be available to be claimed by anyone who has staked at least 10,000 RIO. 100 NFTs, comprised of 10 rare, and 90 unique NFTs will be created. The NFT claim period will begin on Wednesday, October 12th at 6 PM EST. After all 100 NFTs are claimed, the NFT metadata will be revealed and stakers will be able to see what NFT type they have received: a rare or unique NFT.  The NFT collection was created by Realio Co-founder and artist Marcelo Moyano, designing each NFT as an abstract piece of art representing what Realio is to him and the potential for what it can become.

For the claiming period, the site has been reimagined, equipped with a live countdown to keep you informed during the claiming period of remaining NFTs, plus many other features. NFTs will be claimed on a first come first serve basis, allowing one NFT per Ethereum wallet address (note: multiple’s of 10K RIO in the same Ethereum wallet address will result in the ability to claim only a single NFT).

If you are eligible to claim an NFT, you will just need to complete the following steps:

  • Go to connect your MetaMask or WalletConnect wallet (this can be done prior to the claim period which starts on Wednesday, October 12th)
  • If you are eligible to claim an NFT, a “Claim” button will appear for you to select once the claim period has opened
  • Claim an NFT by approving the transaction in your connected wallet
  • Once the claim period ends, your NFT will be revealed, letting you know what NFT type you received
  • Following the claim period, an NFT viewer will become available on to view the beauty of all 100 NFTs! The NFTs will also become available on OpenSea for viewing and trading

We are excited to be bringing these NFTs to our community. To stay informed on the Realio Genesis NFTs and the upcoming launch of the Realio Network, join our Discord.

Ready to connect your wallet for claiming?



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