Frequently asked questions

What is Realio?

Realio is a platform that provides access and liquidity to prime private equity. Realio eliminates the barriers to invest in and trade exclusive private equity alongside the biggest names in traditional finance.

Which assets can I access and trade through Realio?

Realio currently has a portfolio of three investment opportunities. Several more are in the pipeline and will be disclosed in the near future.

How does Realio provide access to institutional assets?

Realio’s team of senior experts has access to prime private equity opportunities, e.g. the Valentus Capital Management offering. Realio is sourcing such opportunities and subsequently reducing the massive investment barriers for Realio’s investor network.

How does Realio enable the trade of investments?

Realio is providing a liquidity pool and a SEC technology-enabled P2P liquidity infrastructure, allowing Realio's investor network to trade assets on the platform.

Is the Realio platform easy to access?

Realio built an easy to use interface where clients can access and trade exclusive securities. Investors have to complete 3 simple steps to find out if they are eligible to make the investment. Subsequently, investors log in and proceed with the investment as they are used from other platforms – simple and secure.

What information is required to access the platform?

Investors have to pass KYC to be eligible to use the platform. The automated technology platform Realio will communicate investor eligibility after completing the compliance verification steps.

Is the platform SEC compliant?

The platform is built within the guidelines given by the SEC. The technology incorporates all compliance requirements and strictly acts within those requirements to ensure the highest investor protection.

Can I self-custody my Realio wallet?

Realio's blockchain infrastructure streamlines private key storage and transaction signing while staying non-custodial. This allows you to not have to download multiple browsers or device-based wallets, write down seed phrases, or figure out how to redirect MetaMask to a new chain. You can opt for personal private key encryption for full control in your Realio account (under user settings) or utilize our infrastructure as a key backup service.

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