Step-By-Step $RIO Uniswap LP Mining and Rewards Guide

As many new users become active in the world of cryptocurrencies, we continue to receive new questions on how to “get started”. Today we will be diving into a step-by-step guide on the the $RIO Liquidity Providers Staking Program so you can start earning rewards immediately with no hassle. We broke it down into 3 different sections – Purchasing RIO on UniSwap, adding to the pool and staking. Let’s get into it.

RIO Liquidity Mining Explained

Creating a balanced, sustainable liquidity rewards ecosystem

Through the launch of our (beta) LP token staking contract (Realio LP) we have officially kicked off the $RIO Uniswap Rewards Program, through which liquidity providers can earn rewards by staking RIO-ETH Uni LP Tokens through their MetaMask or WalletConnect enabled wallet.